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Cajun Food Products
We think that you will find the following websites to be extremely beneficial if you are trying to locate various Cajun food products. These should be the only links that you will ever need. Don't forget to bookmark this page so you can locate additional products when needed.
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Cajun Grocer... Lafayette, Louisiana - Toll-Free Phone: (888) 272-9347
Louisiana's premier online store and national distributor of gourmet authentic Cajun & Creole food products. Sells and ships hundreds of different products, both retail and wholesale.
Cajun Injector... New Iberia, Louisiana - Phone: (337) 364-5874
Manufactures and sells injectors and a variety of marinades and spices.
Cajun Supermarket... Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Toll-Free Phone: (866)-552-2586
As the name implies, this is an online Cajun Supermarket that provides over 2,000 Cajun products. Phone orders are also accepted with a $20 minimum order. Worldwide shipping.
Cajun Wholesale... Maurice, Louisiana - Toll-Free Phone: (800) 533-6923
This Wholesale Retail Store claims they offer better prices on most of their items than other websites offering the same products. Sells and ships to both retail and wholesale customers.
Community Coffee... Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Toll-Free Phone: (800) 525-5583
Manufactures and sells Louisiana's most popular traditional and gourmet coffees.
French Market Coffee... New Orleans, Louisiana - Toll-Free Phone: (800) 535-1961
Manufactures and sells a variety of French Creole coffees and a cold water brewing system.
Hebert's Specialty Meats... Tulsa, Oklahoma - Toll-Free Phone: (866) 298-8400
Sells and ships turduckens, boneless stuffed turkeys and chickens, stuffed ducks, stuffed pork chops, stuffed rabbit, stuffed quail and stuffed Cornish game hens. Also sells Cajun specialty meats and sausages, stuffed seafood products, crawfish, frog legs and alligator.
Jack Miller's... Ville Platte, Louisiana - Toll-Free Phone: (800) 646-1541
Manufactures and sells barbeque sauce, seafood cocktail sauce and Cajun seasonings.
Louisiana Fish Fry... Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Phone: (225) 356-2905
Manufactures and sells a variety of fish fry mixes. Also sells dinner mixes, cocktail sauce, crawfish boil mix and blackened seasoning.
Louisiana Pecans... Cloutierville, Louisiana - Toll-Free Phone: (800) 737-3226
This Louisiana plantation grows, sells and ships whole and cracked pecans, as well as, pecan halves and pieces. Also sells a variety of pecan gift products.
Pointe Coupee Pecan... Glynn, Louisiana - Toll-Free Phone: (888) 973-2267
Sells and ships a unique variety of gourmet pecan products that include shelled pecans, sugared pecans, roasted pecans and chocolate pecans.
Pure Cajun Products... New Orleans, Louisiana - Toll-Free Phone: (800) 376-1039
An online retail outlet that sells and ships a wide variety of Louisiana Cajun food products worldwide. Also sells Cajun products from accordians to sportsware.
Savoie's... Opelousas, Louisiana - Phone: (337) 942-7241
Manufactures a variety of smoked sausages and seasoned meats, boudin. Also provides seafood pies, dressing mix, sauces and its famous Cajun roux.
Seaport Coffee... Beaumont, Texas - Toll-Free Phone: (800) 259-3400
Manufactures and sells a large variety of Texas and Louisiana coffee blends as well as tea. Also sells and ships TexJoy extracts, seasonings and spices.
Slap Ya Mama... Ville Platte, Louisiana - Toll-Free Phone: (800) 485-5217
Manufactures and sells a variety of Cajun seasoning mixes and pepper sauces. Also sells Cajun fish fry and a seafood boil mix.
Steen's Syrup... Abbeville, Louisiana - Toll-Free Phone: (800)725-1654
Manufactures and sells 100% pure Louisiana cane syrup and molasses.
Tabasco... Avery Island, Louisiana - Phone: (337) 365-8173
Manufactures and sells Louisiana's famous Tabasco sauce. Also sells a variety of pepper sauces, marinades and condiments.
Tony Chachere’s... Opelousas, Louisiana - Toll-Free Phone: (800) 551-9066
Manufactures and sells Louisiana's most popular seasoning mixes. Also sells dinner mixes, injectable marinades, fish fry mixes, roux mixes and gravy mixes.
Zapp's Potato Chips... Gramercy, Louisiana - Toll-Free Phone: (800) 468-2447
Manufactures and sells a variety of Cajun made potato chips. Some have great hot flavors.
Zatarains... Gretna, Louisiana - Toll-Free Phone: (877) 837-3796
Manufactures and sells over 200 varieties of products from Rice Dinner Mixes, Ready-to-Serve Complete Meals, Spices & Seasonings, to Fish Fries, Seafood Boil and other products based on authentic New Orleans Style foods and seafood preparations.
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Note: This page contains links to external websites. These links are strictly provided for your convenience and informational purposes. We do not recommend or endorse any products or services that may be marketed on any of these sites.
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