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It's a proven fact that High PR DoFollow Forum Links (Back-Links from Forums) should be utilized if you want to improve your search results on Google. If you're seriously interested in raising your website's PR rating, you should begin to visit high rated (PR6-PR9) Forums and participate in the various Forum discussions. Make sure that you provide a link to your website in your post which will definitely add value to your presence on the internet by Google.

A PR8 or PR9 Forum link is probably worth a hundred links from a Forum that is rated PR2. You have no idea how one hundred high-rated Forum links will impact your internet presence. These links should be added over a period of time which will look quite natural to Google. If you simply add 2 per day for a couple of months, you will have 120 outstanding back-links to your website. Do not place more than 2 back-links on the same Forum website, on any given day.

You will find that it's somewhat difficult to locate good PR8 and PR9 Forums. When you do find one, it will be well worth your time and effort to learn enough about their particular subject matter so you can join in their conversations and post substantial content with a link to your website. Always remember that Google places a lot of importance on content that is linked to your website from High PR Forums.

You will find plenty of SEO companies on the internet that will provide this service for you. Some charge up to $5 to create only one post on a PR6 Forum with a back-link to your website. If you paid $5 for 120 Forum links, you would spend $600 for this type of service. If you should happen to contract with a company to provide your Forum links, make sure that they create the links over a reasonable period of time so it looks natural. Some of these companies will want to create all of your links in a week or two. Bad move! Take 20-30 minutes a day and do it yourself.

Well, where do you start? It takes weeks and possibly months to put together a list of PR6-PR9 Forums that you can utilize for your back-links. Once you have found a Forum that you might possible want to utilize, you will then have to verify its current PR rating. If you post to Forums with low PR ratings, you will simply be wasting your time. You can always do that later after you have reached your initial objective.

You will need a good verified list of at least 50 PR6-PR9 Forum links to improve your search results on Google. Some companies charge an absolutely unreasonable amount for such a list. Beware of any company that provides a free list on their website. Usually they're not up-to-date and all of the PRs have not been verified. Please click here if you're interested in checking out an outstanding list of High PR Forum links that has been verified and is up-to-date.

Article: High PR Forum Links - Back-Links from Forums
Author: Ray Zimmerman
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