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High PR DoFollow Directory Links
"Back-Links from Directories"
Improve Your Search Results on Google
It has been frequently documented that High PR DoFollow Directory Links (Back-Links from Directories) play a very important role in you website's rating on Google's search engine. You should consider taking advantage of this particular fact if you want to improve your website's rating on Google. The higher your PR, the more visitors that you will have on your website. The move visitors that you have on your website, the more profitable your website will become.

You'll find that there are very few Directories throughout the world that are rated PR6 and higher. Directories with a PR3-PR6 are basically considered to have a high PR. As time passes, this will slowly change and the more popular and efficient Directories will improve their PR. Google values inbound links to websites from well-established, well-rated Directories.

The majority of Directories are rated PR0 and many of those that are rated with a PR1 or a PR2 are not actually what they claim to be. You will find that there are several groups of Directories that appear to have been created by the same website designer. Many of those do not even display an original name and their URL makes no sense at all. These sites have very few actual links but claim they have thousands in their statistics. Others show that they have thousands of pending links that they have not yet processed. If this is true, you will have very little chance of ever being listed on these websites. Don't waste your time on sites like these.

Creating a list of PR3-PR9 Directories that you can utilize for your back-links will take a lot of hard and monotonous work on your part. You will then need to verify the PR after finding a Directory that you consider a possibility. Some great looking Directories are rated PR0 and some websites that don't appear to be much of anything might have thousands of listings and a great PR. You will simply be wasting your time if you list your website on low PR Directories.

You will find countless companies on the internet that will provide a Directory listing service. Many of these companies will offer you an opportunity to list your website on as many as 3,000 different Directories. Sounds like a cure-all, but it really isn't. First of all, we couldn't recommend 500 Directories worldwide. If you purchase a large listing package, you will be faced two basic problems. First of all, your website will be primarily listed on PR0 Directories that will do you absolutely no good. Secondly, Google will probably penalize your website for the creation of so many links in such a short period of time because that won't appear to be natural.

When you're considering the possibilities of listing your website on a new Directory, take a few minutes to check out that Directory and to make sure that they have a suitable category for your needs. Also make sure that their search feature is functioning properly, examine the contents of a few categories and check their statistic if displayed. If you are uncomfortable with what you find, simply delete that Directory from your list. Take your time with your listings because they will really pay off in years to come. Your website's PR is vital to your success!

Make sure that you use only quality Directory Links in your quest for higher ratings of your website. You should try to secure a good verified list of at least 150 PR3-PR9 Directory Links for this purpose. You should be cautious of any website that offers a free list. For the most part, you will find that these links are not up-to-date and all of the PRs have not been recently verified which will waste a lot of your valuable time. Please click here if you're interested in checking out a really exceptional list of High PR Directory Links that has been verified and is up-to-date.

Article: High PR Directory Links - Back-Links from Directories
Author: Ray Zimmerman
Copyright © 2011 - All Rights Reserved

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