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How to Improve Page Rank
"Improve Your Websites PR Within a Few Months"
Achieved in 3 Short Months
Learn How to Improve Page Rank in a very short period of time and improve your website's PR within a few months. Very few SEO consultants and webmasters actually know how to improve page rank within a few months. Don't get the wrong idea, it takes a strong commitment and a lot of hard work to make a drastic improvement in your PR in a very short period of time.

This website was published in March of 2011. Approximately 10 weeks later, I registered this website with three search engines... Google, Yahoo! and bing. By the end of June, 2011 this website was ranked PR4 by Google. Even though Yahoo and bing are prominent search engines, I have optimized my website to achieve Google's favor since they control almost 70% of the searches throughout the world.

Optimizing your website for Google's search engine is only part of the process. There are several other important factors that need to be brought into the equation. Then, I stumbled into a gold mine that has made a tremendous difference for my website's presence on the internet. One that Google has taken notice of and awarded this website with a page ranking of PR4.

When this information was published (June, 2011), I had the following search results on Google.

      • On page 1 of Google: 27 different Search Terms (8 of these were in the first 3 spots)

      • On page 2 of Google: 21 different Search Terms

      • On page 3 of Google: 08 different Search Terms

In June, 2011, my website's stats showed that I had 60+ visitors per day which equates to 1,800+ free visitors per month. I have paid a total of $5.00, plus my domain name and web hosting to achieve all of the above. I have not used any SEO company to bolster the importance of my website with the search engines. Everything that has been accomplished has been on my own and I am willing to share that experience with you.

I have been creating websites for approximately 15 years now and this is the first time that I have created a website that became so popular in such a short period of time. During the planning stage of my website, I had several internet gurus tell me that what I thought about doing would never work with Google. Let me tell you right now... they were wrong!

How many years do you think it will take you to improve your website's page ranking three or four levels? I can save you years of hard work and countless disappointments by providing you with exactly what has worked for me. Let's face reality, what has worked for me will also work for you. I will provide you detailed information as to how to properly optimize your website and I will also explain in great detail how to take advantage of the gold mine that I found that will put the icing on the cake. Well, do you want to find out how to do it... or, do you want to struggle for another five years trying to figure it out yourself? The choice is up to you!

All of this valuable information has been compiled into the following two formats and can be utilized based on personal preferences.
  1. Microsoft Word File... All links have been activated in this Word file so you can simply click on the various URLs and your browser will open and display the website that you want to visit. We have used Microsoft Word 2002 in case you had an older version of this program. The newer versions should not have any difficulty opening this file.

  2. Text File... The advantage of this information being placed in a text file is that you can quickly copy and paste all of this information into any word processor that you choose.
The following three files will also be included "Free of Charge"
  1. menu.js... A copy of the java based drop-down menu program that is used on this website.

  2. style.css... A copy of the style sheet required for the drop-down menu program.

  3. Microsoft Word File... A 3 page form that was designed to enable you to track your website's search terms on Google.
The five files mentioned above will be downloaded together in a single zipped file.

It is absolutely impossible to offer a money-back guarantee since I will be imparting valuable information to those who wish to know. It would be unfair for any individual to ask me for a refund when they already have my constructive information in hand and can utilize it at their discretion.

I think that you would have to agree with me that the information that I'm about to provide to you is worth more than ten times the asking price. It took a considerable amount of time to prepare this information and just like you... my time is also valuable.

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When placing your order, you can rest assured that your personal information is safe because it is protected by the "Advanced Secure Payment System" which is supported by SWREG, a division of Digital River, Inc. with secure, real time, credit card processing.

"Unbelievably Priced at Only... $9.95"
After placing your order, you'll receive an email from SWREG that will provide you with a link to immediately download my detailed information on how to improve your website's page ranking.
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