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List of High PR DoFollow Directory Links
"Back-Links from Directories"
Use our List of High PR DoFollow Directory Links (Back-Links from Directories) and you will see a significant increase in your website's PR rating from Google. If you haven't read our Article titled, "High PR DoFollow Directory Links" please do so before continuing. Simply click here to review this important information. Hopefully, you will now understand why it's so vitally important to utilize back-links from High PR Directories in the development of your website. By carefully selecting powerful key words and by creating listings that will sell your website, you'll begin to show an increase in your overall profits in a very short period of time.

It takes a considerable amount of time to research and compile an accurate list of High PR Directory Links. Our up-to-date list contains an accurate URL address and a verified PR rating for each link which is then placed into a category that is based upon the link's PR. The list has been compiled into the following formats and can be utilized based on personal preferences.
  1. Microsoft Word File... All links have been activated in this Word file so you can simply click on the URL of the Directory link and your browser will open and display the website. We have used Microsoft Word 2002 in case you had an older version of this program. The newer versions should not have any difficulty opening this file.

  2. Text File... The advantage of this list being placed in a text file is that you can quickly copy and paste the entire list into any word processor that you choose.

  3. Internet Explorer Favorites... If you use Internet Explorer as your browser, you can simply copy and paste these links directly into your Favorites and you will have immediate browser access to all of the Directory links. If you use another browser, you will be able to quickly import those links directly into your browser.
Without question, we know that you will be totally satisfied with this remarkable list of High PR Directory Links. For just a second, try to imagine just how many weeks of hard work that you will avoid by ordering our list. If you order right now, you can begin listing your website on these Directories in just a matter of minutes. You really don't have much of a choice!
"Here's Exactly What You Will Get"
PR10 1 Directory Link  
PR9 2 Directory Links
PR8 5 Directory Links
PR7 4 Directory Links
PR6 18 Directory Links
PR5 47 Directory Links
PR4 64 Directory Links
PR3 67 Directory Links
PR2 42 Directory Links

Total: 250 Directory Links
As you can see, there are only 12 PR7-PR10 links. There are very few directories in the world that have a PR6 or better rating. Over half of all directories worldwide are rated PR0. The majority of directories that will make an impact on your website's PR will be from the PR3-PR6 directories. You'll find, that a considerable number of companies that provide a directory listing service will generally list your website on more PR0 directories than any other and that's simply a waste of your money. I have personally tried several of these services and it never helped.

If Google considers your website to be natural, you will benefit from your directory listings. You'll be much better off if you personally register 2-3 directories each day. That would be 60-90 per month. That would look very natural to Google. If all of a sudden you had 1,000-3,000 inbound links, Google will know exactly what you did and your website will most likely be penalized.

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