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Reasons to Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking Calculator
"Calculate the Cost of Smoking Cigarettes"
Even though most smokers realize that smoking is a very expensive habit, very few smokers have any real concept of what the total cost of smoking may amount to over the years. Please complete the information below on the Quit Smoking Calculator and then simply click on the "Calculate My Costs" button to see just how much money you will actually throw away if you continue to smoke.You'll be able to view different scenarios by simply changing any of the entered information or by clicking on the "Clear" button.
The Quit Smoking Calculator
My current age is   (15-65)
The average number of cigarettes
that I smoke each day
The cost of a pack of cigarettes
(include sales tax)
The number of years to be used
for this particular scenario
If I Continue to Smoke Until I'm 
My Future Cost of Smoking will be 
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Dangers of Smoking
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