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Reasons to Quit Smoking
Quit Smoking Quiz
"Find Out if You're Ready to Quit Smoking"
Quit Smoking Quiz
Our Quit Smoking Quiz will actually determine if you're ready to quit smoking and live a healthier lifestyle as a non-smoker. Simply answer all of the questions below as honestly as possible and then click on "Analyze Questions Answered" to see how you did.
1. Would you like to quit smoking if you knew you could? Yes    No
2. Do you realize that you are currently addicted to nicotine? Yes    No
3. Do you know what harm smoking is actually doing to your body? Yes    No
4. Do you agree that smokers will have more medical problems? Yes    No
5. Are you aware that smoking increases your medical expenses? Yes    No
6. Do you realize secondhand smoke effects everyone around you? Yes    No
7. I would like to eliminate the odor that is associated with smoking. Yes    No
8. Would you like to increase your spendable income significantly? Yes    No
9. Did you know that smoking parents affect their children's health? Yes    No
10. I know that I will most likely live longer if I quit smoking now. Yes    No
11. Will your friends and family support your efforts to quit smoking? Yes    No
12. I know quitting will be difficult, but I'm committed to succeed. Yes    No
Money-Back Guarantee!
Dangers of Smoking
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